New Single "Aidar" (2024)

“Aidar is a memory of my parents’ native home. A bright symbol of my childhood. It could have taken my life, but it did not. Unpredictable, dangerous, and magnetic.”

Audio production - SoundPlant studio(Kyiv)

Music, vocals - Svitlanka Sugak


Single "Hey, Look Around" (2023)

It was written in November 2022, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine vanquished the enemy and freed Kherson city as a result of a counter-offensive.

Video production - Svitlanka Sugak

Audio production - SoundPlant studio(Kyiv)

Music, lyrics, vocals, percussion - Svitlanka Sugak

Bass - Eugene Kolyada

Single "Origins" (2023)

Many nations in different times honored the biggest star in our universe.  Traditionally for Ukrainian culture the Sun is depicted as an eight-pointed star and has a name as Ruzha or Rozha. In ancient times people believed that it was a deer who had been taking the sun from the depths of the earth to the sky every morning.

 Music, percussion and woman vocals - Svitlanka Sugak

 Didgeridoo - Eugene Kolyada

 Man vocals - Andrij Boichenko

 Illustration - Veronika Kolomiets

 Mastering, editing - Pavlo Safonov, SoundPlant studio(Kyiv)