Pororoka is Ukrainian dark-folk band founded in Kyiv in 2017 by singer Svitlana Sugak 
and guitarist Eugene Kolyada. 

This music is a mix of three different type of voices, grunge guitar, tender bandura, piano and djembe. 

Pororoka is the name of wave, which appears twice in a year on Amazon River, when Atlantic Ocean invade into it. 


Some of our songs sounds similar to Ukrainian folk music, but non of them belongs to. 

We raise topics of life and death, man's fate and love; represent the culture of our country, its history, feeling in individual manner. 

In 2018 Pororoka made first presentation of Debut EP in live-session format with 7 tracks. 

In 2019 we took first place in Ukrainian Rock Festival Taras Bulba and released official video

on the track "For What".

In 2020 we published final studio version of Debut EP - "Pororoka" with 8 tracks.

Band Members: 
Svitlanka Sugak - lead vocal, texts, percussion, 
Eugene Kolyada - guitar, sound, 
Liza Zharikova - keybords, backing vocal, 
Olenka Hetmanska - bandura, backing vocal.